Digital drawing made super easy

Voor Nederlands, klik hier. Procreate is a very convenient app that allows you to draw on your iPad, just as easily as you would do with pen and paper. Accept now, you have ALL the drawing materials and colors right at your disposal. This can be a little overwhelming… just as it might take a little getting used to drawing digitally. I’m here to help you out. Whether you are just starting out or are a little more familiar with the app, after this online course you will have the prettiest illustrations pop right off your canvas. Learning how to draw has never been easier (hello, undo button!;). Discover the digital creative inside you!

  • One video every Friday, for 5 weeks

  • Fun and practical homework assignments

  • Access to a Facebookgroup to share work (optional)

  • Watch as many times as you want

  • Videos will stay available until Februari 2020

  • Bonus I : Handy printable with shortcuts

  • Bonus II : Live Q&A Facebook session


On Oct 4th

we will start the course together. Feel free to join!



Start: October 4th
You have hardly tried Procreate and can use a little help starting, or want to refresh your memory. Soon you’ll feel completely at ease using the app. You’ll be surprised how quick you’ll learn!

  • Get to know your toolbox: brushes, colors, layers

  • Handy tricks: i.e. alpha lock
    & quick shapes

  • Illustration: shadow, shapes, textures

  • Make quick artwork with options like liquify & symmetry

  • Design your own character

Early bird price (until Oct 4th)



Start: November 8th
You’re a little more familiar with the app, and feel like diving in deep. Finally discovering what all those different options are for! After this, Procreate has no more secrets for you.

  • Get to know your toolbox: custom brushes, clipping masks, recoloring

  • Handy tricks: i.e. layer masks, different adjustments

  • Illustration, anatomy, shapes & interaction

  • Simplify your workflow with blend modes & selection modes

  • Make your own GIFs

Early bird price (until Oct 4th)



Or be a REALLY smart bird and grab the Early Bird Combo ticket, saving almost 40%. Twice! Valid until Oct 4th.




Extra material to get you going

With your first lesson, you’ll get a cheat sheet right away. It’s a handy PDF file with all kinds of shortcuts, that you can print or put on your iPad. This way you’ll always have it ready.

If you run into any issues during the lessons, there is the bonus live Q&A session! Gather all your questions, and feel free to ask away during an hour of digital chatting. It will help you to take the extra step in your homework assignments. Even if you don’t have any questions right away, other people’s questions can be very inspiring. Plus, it’s simply a lot of fun to connect like this!

Screenshot Procreate 1.jpg

F. A. Q.

  • What materials do I need?

    During this course, I use an iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app. My iPad Pro is a 12.9 inch 1st generation. Kind of an oldie! But there are a lot of different versions you can work with. Just make sure the Apple Pencil and Procreate are compatible with yours. You can download Procreate for about 9,99 (depending on your country). Totally worth it, taking into account what you can do with it. Here you can find a list of the types of iPads that support Procreate.

  • Do I need to have an iPad / Apple Pencil / Procreate to participate?

    No, not necessarily! An iPad is quite the investment. You could very well use this course as an orientation to see if any of these products are your cup of tea before you purchase them. It does mean that you might not be able to do the homework assignments. However, some drawing tips you can also execute with good ol’ pen ’n paper. Give it your own spin, or just enjoy watching what the other participants are creating.

  • I can’t make it on Oct 4th, now what?

    No problem. You can join whenever you want. You will receive an email every Friday with your access code to the class. Starting a lot later? Then you’ll get access codes to the previous lessons, too.

  • How long will the class material stay available?

    The material stays available for about 4 months, until Februari 2020. Gives you time to catch up during the Christmas break!;)

  • But I can’t draw!:(

    First of all: don’t be so hard on yourself! Second of all: I’m gonna give you some handy tips that will make it a lot easier. Plus: drawing digitally is the perfect way to practice. Something with an undo-button…. 😉 You’ll be totally fine!

  • I don’t have Facebook, how does that work with the group?

    Withouth Facebook, you can’t enter the group discussion. There is an alternative: you can create a fake account. Create a new email, be creative with a Fake Facebook Name, and keep the rest of your Facebook profile empty. All the lurking, none of the privacy invading! Just make sure to send me your Fake name, so I’ll know who to give access to the group;)

  • Will there be subtitles available?

    Working on it! Currently, the final recording and editing stuff has priority, but I will add them as soon as I can!