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Yesss, our most requested workshop is finally online! We have converted our 2-day sketch journaling weekend into an online version, packed with drawing tips to record your day in a beautiful sketch journaling page. You don’t have to travel far to make beautiful memories. It is precisely the short trips or daily things that become extra special when you record them in your journal. With sketches, illustrations, hand lettering and more. How do you do that? You will learn in this online Sketch Journaling course!

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This round is now closed, but we’ll be back again around spring 2021! Keep an eye out on our social media

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Sketch journaling course

Our most requested course now finally online!

Oh, those elaborately illustrated travel journals are absolute eye candy…. But you don’t have to travel far to make beautiful memories. It is precisely the short trips or daily things that become extra special when you record them in your journal. With sketches, illustrations, hand lettering and more. But how? That’s exactly what you learn in this online Sketch Journaling course! From the comfort of your own chair, you learn to find inspiration everywhere, and to draw on location. Which also works very well if you do go on vacation! Suddenly, you find yourself in a creative paradise no matter what the location.

We help you get over that creative threshold

“Where do I start? I can’t draw at all! How do I create a nice overview?”. We often hear that people find it difficult to start, or when drawings fail. Because of course, you want the page to be beautiful! That is why we start with the basics and expand this with each assignment. Step by step you learn how to illustrate, about hand lettering, urban sketching and composition. We teach you to observe your surroundings and above all … to just go out and draw! Before you know it, you will also be making the most beautiful pages at home.

“”How awesome to view your surroundings in this way! You have so much more eye for the little things””

4 offline editions of this course took place already, which got a whopping 9.3 / 10 on average!

(and you can just watch it from your comfy chair!)

The following topics will be discussed:

llustration, hand lettering and urban sketching
Recognising shapes
Depth, shadow and contrast
Material and color use
Gathering inspiration
Layout and composition
Letting go of perfectionism and just start!

In short

10 lovely, manageable videos

All videos are immediately available and you can watch them as often as you want

Tips about drawing, use of materials and capturing your environment: even if you have no drawing experience

Fun and practical homework assignments

Access to a private online learning environment to share and view each other’s work

6 weeks of feedback on your homework assignments

after 6 weeks 1 live Q&A session

then another 6 weeks to repeat the videos ‘for yourself’ (or catch up;)

You can also start later, because …

… All materials will remain available until January 9, 2021!

“You two are such a great combination! Your enthusiasm is contagious.”

Who are your teachers?

In this online course you will be taught by Anne (@GoudenLijntjes) & Nienke (@NienkeVletter). We are known for our combined enthusiasm and overdose of energy. We have extensive experience in giving workshops, and are very happy when we can share our creative knowledge with you. We both have a different style, which is precisely what makes these joint workshops so much fun. You really get the ‘best of both worlds’!

I don’t know if I can draw… what level is this course?

Personal attention in an online learning environment

Drawing is of course fun for everyone! You really do not have to have experience with drawing to be able to join. We teach you everything. In this course we mainly focus on a beginner and intermediate level. So even if you already have some experience, we can help you in an appropriate way.

In our offline course we do this by getting to know you for two days, but we also find personal attention extremely important during the online workshop! You join the whole group in a pleasant online learning environment, where you can share all your homework assignments (and view those of your fellow participants for inspiration!). We are present in the group for the first 6 weeks to give everyone personal feedback once a week. So do you run into something during a homework assignment? Then we will help you! This way you really get a tailor-made course, and you continue to learn at your level. Whether you are just starting out or have been drawing a little longer.

You also have instant access to all videos, so you can set whatever pace you want. Do you want to binge-watch everything in 1 weekend, or watch a video every weekend for 3 months and take plenty of time for the homework assignment? It’s all allowed. We help you with exactly what you want to learn.

This course is for you, if you…

* … drool while admiring all those beautiful journals online, but don’t know where to start

* … have always wanted to start illustrating, and want to be able to work independently

* … run into perfectionism and therefore have several semi-finished sketchbooks lying around

* … need direct feedback on your work from 2 experienced teachers

* … want to enjoy your surroundings more consciously and capture beautiful memories
* … want to pursue a hobby in the fresh air … or from your lazy chair!

* … want to treat yourself to some creative time for yourself

* … already have some experience with illustrating, but would like to learn how to bring everything together into a complete picture

* … are going on vacation soon, and want to create a unique memory of your trip

* … are not going on vacation, but still want to write a nice report


Are all classes immediately available when the course starts?

It is intended that you can view all lessons immediately! Although we would recommend dividing it up a bit more, because in combination with the homework assignments it is still quite a bit of work;) but you can at least look at your own pace!

Wow, that Splendith material package you offered with the Dutch version!! Is is also available as an international?

Currently, the pack is only available in Dutch (because 1 printable sheet is in Dutch). We’re talking to Judith from Splendith about it though, so keep an eye out!

I have already followed the offline workshop Sketch Journaling. Is it useful to also follow the online version?

The content of the workshops is more or less the same (after all, the online version is based on the offline version). Of course we have new examples and other great inspiration, but in theory you will hear the lessons for the second time. That can be very nice, as a reminder. But it could also be too much of an overlap for you. What is really different from the offline version: the online community. You share your homework with the group, so you will also see the assignments of other participants. That provides extra inspiration! In addition, you will receive feedback on your own work (always handy, also to see how you have grown now) and there are the live sessions where you can ask questions again. We find it difficult to determine for you whether it really has added value to follow the course again, but hopefully you can make the decision right with this information!

I may want to enroll later. Do I still have 6 weeks of feedback?

We are present in the group until November 20th (the first 6 weeks of the course). It is indeed possible to join later, but we only provide feedback for the first 6 weeks. So if that is feasible for you, I think it is best to assess yourself. Suppose you have a long weekend off in week 6 and complete all videos and homework assignments in 1x, then you can still just get our feedback! But only do it if you feel good about it. After November 20th, you have until January 9th to watch all the videos yourself, and you can still share the homework with the fun group.

I am not available this round… will the course come back again?

We do suspect that this course will come back sometimes;) But we cannot give any guarantees, of course… Moreover, there is the chance that there will be a price change – you never know.

3 reviews for Sketch Journaling (with Nienke Vletter)

  1. Mareike (verified owner)

    A great course that I can highly recommend. I learned a lot of new things and had a lot of fun. The online course is great and the comments and drawing tips from Anne and Nienke on my homework were very helpful. The live session at the end was very inspiring and a great finish. I will definitely be back for the next course.

  2. Carmen

    This course was such a good experience and so much fun. It was very inspiring watching Nienke and Anne sketch and draw, especially seeing how they worked and what they where thinking about. Also I appreciated the personal feedback every week. Both teachers are very likable and do a great job in encouraging their students. I never thought I could do a full composition with watercolor and handlettering. But in the course we got a brilliant instruction with many details I haven’t heard of before. Thank you very much for your dedicated work and your good spirits!

  3. Connie (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course very much. The videos were very good, had the right length and the feedback from Anne and Nienke was immensly helpful. I really learned a lot. The way the course is made up shows how much thought they have put into making it work from the beginning to the end. I was also glad that we had the chance to speak to them personally at the end. Both Nienke and Anne are fun and very inspiring and I could see that they love what they do. I certainly recommend this course. Thanks a lot you two!

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