Whether I write, read, draw or speak: for me everything starts with letters. I supplement this love for letters with colorful illustrations, which are always close to “ordinary life”. Because I go through that as a kind of enthusiastic whirlwind. I put the inspiration and skills that flow along the way with a lot of love in my pen, resulting in cheerful, playful and above all recognizable work that tells a story.


… but that was not always the case! When I started lettering 5 years ago, I was firmly convinced that I was not creative. It was only 2 years ago that I really started to illustrate. Of course I enjoyed it a lot, but as a self-taught person I also had to pull myself over a lot of bumps. After making a book, various products, and a lot of drawings, I know: it is possible. So I understand better than anyone the fear and lack of self-confidence that many people experience when they start creative experiments (or keep postponing it…). That is why my mission is to give people back the pleasure of creativity. In the meantime, I still am a whirlwind, and I keep on discovering new ways to express my own creativity – which I then pass on nicely.


The advantage of being a whirlwind is also that I can go in all directions. This way I can find myself very well in the hobby world, but thanks to my studies and previous jobs I also have knowledge of the business world. As a result, we do not get lost together in floating creative terms, but we speak the same, clear language. Are you a catering entrepreneur looking for a catchy mural, an event organizer that should have an eye-catcher at the fair? I have experience with it and would like to think along with you for a solution that suits your needs.

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